My LIfe as a Boy — Chapter 200

“Ta-Da” is what you’ll be saying when you see the magic.

These are the performance magic routines I’ve chosen as the CORE group of effects in your magical bag of tricks. Using these for healing and revitalization is highly recommended in addition to the ordinary medical steps you’d take for any healing process, so it’s in addition to, not a replacement for, your normal handling of health issues.

Each routine comes with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to perform the effect, plus a DVD in which I show you how to perform the routine with the correct timing and precision, and all the support you need in the form of phone, text or email messaging, and weekly magic classes online, where you are able to ask your questions and get performance issues resolved.

I’ve included the approximate current market price of each effect, keeping in mind that some effects are produced by several manufacturers, and that the props are NOT the effect. Things change, people change, and magical effects are no exception. Every so often, a prop will no longer be available, because the one person making them in his garage in his spare time has retired, died or gotten discouraged by the small returns.

My magic act is funny, provocative and easy to perform.

Like revenge, there’s no money in magic, not even for the big-time performers in Las Vegas. Their net incomes tend to be mighty small, although they’re paid big money to remain trapped in a hotel 24/7 365, for the rest of their working lives.

If you don’t want to share that fate, don’t go for the big money — it’ll just bring you headaches, hassles and hope, and that’s a deadly combination. I remember with a chill the time Harry Nilsson told me he had signed with William Morris Agency. Being on their membership rolls guaranteed work, but was artistically the Kiss of Death.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these CORE magical effects, and keep in mind that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. I have set aside two groups of effects that I’m not going to explore in detail at this time; the CLOSEUP effects and the ADVANCED ILLUSIONS, both of which take much more time and attention than the beginner effects I’m listing here, all of which have the following unique properties:

  1. They’re easy to perform.
  2. They require no sleight of hand skills.
  3. They have punch — audience appeal.
  4. They are relatively inexpensive as magic effects go.
  5. They are ready to use the minute you open the box.
  6. The routines are short, and easy to remember.
  7. All the effects are girl-friendly and don’t require a lot of strength.
  8. The props are not reminiscent of stage magic — they seem ordinary.
  9. Because of the physics involved in the effect, gravity works for you.
  10. If you follow instructions, the World of Magic will reveal itself.
  11. With these effects, nothing really bad can go wrong.

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My Life as a Boy — Chapter 199

Dimensional Gateways can be found almost anywhere, 1972.

Most of my time these days seems to be centered around Dimensional Doorways, portals into other dimensions, other worlds, other reality spectra, which is plural for a spectrum plus another spectrum plus another spectrum plus another spectrum.

The doorway you see in the photo is not a double exposure, nor is the figure superimposed in any way. The 8mm footage shows clearly that it has not been gimmicked, altered or in any way tampered with. Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 198

Feeling all caged up? Try basketing for a refreshing change in your life.

There are jazz standards — songs from the thirties and forties — about baskets, and stories about girls like Little Red Riding Hood who traipsed through the forest primeval to deliver a basket of goodies to her grandmother, who evidently strongly resembled a wolf, so much so that the girl had some difficulty identifying the creature in the bed before her as a wolf.

In stories like that, hunters always come along just at the nick of time, a la Peter & the Wolf. Of course, in real life, that doesn’t happen all too often, but once in a while, a basket does play into the picture.

Baskets are terrific marketing tools, and here’s why: Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 197

Ghostly figure on a ship could be a superimposed reality.

A psychiatrist was interviewing three patients seated before him, in an examination room.

“How much is three times three?” he asked the first man.

“718,” was the reply. He turned to the second man, and asked him,

“How much is three times three?”

“Friday,” he responded, smiling broadly.

The psychiatrist addressed the third man.

“How much is three times three?”

“Nine,” the man said with complete certainty.

“That’s the right answer,” the doctor nodded, “but how did you arrive at it?”

“Simple,” the patient explained, “I merely divided 718 by Friday, and it comes out Nine.” Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 196

When you were a kid, magic made sense, and you didn’t question the appearance of fairies & elves.

Children don’t have the rejection set in until they’re around five years old, when they start school. That’s when the science is plugged in, and the magic is expunged out. In order to have science, magic must go.

That’s of course entirely untrue in reality, yet people are just that sort of way, that they have to dump the magic in order to have the science. They can’t accept that magic is just science that hasn’t been explained yet.

There are plenty of cases of misplaced persons who seemed to have no idea where they had landed. They spoke languages that don’t exist on this Earth, and knew things and remembered things that just didn’t happen here. But they did happen somewhere.

That’s the thing. Humans presently lock up anyone who happens to mention that they came from a different dimension or reality plane. It’s not that they don’t believe them. They do. That’s why they lock them up. It’s all about having alien technology before THEY get it, whoever THEY happen to be at the time.

Belief has a lot to do with it. Grownup humans of Planet Earth tend to NOT believe in fairies, NOT believe in aliens, NOT believe in elves, ghosts, gods, goddesses, nature spirits and dreamwalking. Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 195

Janey and I in our theatrical garb for an Off-Off-Off-Broadway revue, 1959.

You’re in a darkened theater, and you see someone levitate, rise from the floor of the stage into the air. You’re amazed, in wonder, you ask yourself how it can possibly be done, but you don’t transcend into another world, not typically, in the theatrical setting, although it has happened and can happen again.

Now, you see someone levitate NOT IN A THEATRICAL SETTING, and the effect is quite different. In spite of the internal promptings and protests of your own brain, there’s a deep subconscious effect which assumes that, since you’re seeing someone levitate, you’re in a world in which levitation doesn’t break the local laws of physics.

In short, you have RISEN FROM THE DEAD, the realm of descended and forgotten spirits, which is basically Life on Earth in a nutshell.

Most children, at least those who have successfully resisted the brainwashing of the Organic Creatures around them, will accept a magical act as uncontested fact. Although they are of course curious about the effect and will certainly ask “How did you do that?”, they  won’t DEMAND that you reveal the secret, as adults always will.

Why do adults demand a scientific explanation for the effect?

Simply because they are afraid. Afraid of what? Of ACCIDENTALLY or AUTOMATICALLY  leaving their Home Dimension, the world they understand, and finding themselves suddenly in a Land of Magic, where people levitate, walk through walls and normally and naturally skywalk to the nearest mall — doesn’t everybody???

Of course, they’re shifting all the time, but they don’t tend to notice. Magic makes them sit up and take note of what’s happening, and that’s something that very few humans will tolerate.

Some grownups I’ve known who weren’t exposed to the Standard Western Traditional Belief Doctrines, didn’t have the Organic Illness, where everything has to have a Scientific Explanation, limited, of course, to the time, place and people who formulate today’s scientific beliefs.

Some very elevated and clearly seeing folks can accept magic as a natural and normal part of everyday life, and expect that they might very well find themselves in a world where levitation does not break the rules of gravity, and they have no problem finding themselves suddenly transported to a world whose rules they do not immediately understand.

The Catholic Mass depends quite thoroughly upon belief. In fact, all religions depend on belief. Those who cannot see the magic are called unbelievers. The transubstantiation of the bread into the Flesh of Christ and the sacramental wine into the Blood of Jesus doesn’t happen unless you believe.

Belief is a necessary part of the magic, because it allows you to be in the world where magic is real and is a natural and normal part of daily life, but most people are afraid to believe, afraid to alter their VIEW of reality, much less the reality itself. People are afraid of change, afraid of the unknown, afraid of fear.

You can’t actually break the laws of physics, but you can TRANSLATE to a world in which those laws are true, and levitation doesn’t defy the law of gravity because levitation is a FORCE in that world, just as is gravity. In that world, it’s called “LEVITY” and no, I’m not kidding.

Grownups are afraid. They know that if they come to BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE SEEING, they will ACTUALLY BE IN A WORLD IN WHICH MAGIC IS A PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE. Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 194


When I was a young girl, I taught myself to handle lizards and frogs without fear or disgust, circa 1952.

“Put some energy into it,” my Grampa Herman used to say. It isn’t enough to just go through the motions of everyday life — it takes a powerful amount of personal energy and willingness to experience life that makes it work for The Work.

No animal likes to put more energy into a thing than it actually takes to do it, but in the case of Work Exercises, you are required to put more energy into it than you might if you were performing ordinary organic mental, emotional or physical exercises or tasks.

If you have been experimenting with your attention and you’ve managed to gain a little head-room, meaning that you’re seeing things a lot more clearly now than you were, you’ll definitely notice a phenomenon about people that will, I am sure, baffle you as much as it baffles me.

People are in a hurry most of the time. Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 193

Fred & Helena discover a pit that yields NUGGETS or NOTHING, and we bag it up just for you!!!

This is treacherous mine-head material. It’s tons and tons of plain old dirt with once in a great while a nugget, but BOY, are they good nuggets, and if you’re a jeweler, you know that you can’t easily buy a nugget these days — the miners are holding them back until the price goes higher.

Any one of these nuggets will please any gold hound, but in this Mine Head Nugget or Nothing Material, they are FEW and FAR BETWEEN.

So Can you HIT a Big Nugget with just ONE $10 BAG???

Probably not. If everyone hit a big nugget with a single bag of paydirt, the Panning Party would be a disaster, but that’s not what’s going to happen. Most of the bags will be empty or almost empty, devoid of any recoverable gold, just pain old intermediate dirt.

It’s not about the gold.

You will face a panning challenge that is unbeatable, and when you can pan this stuff, you will know that you are a PRO, because if you’re not, you will get pan after pan of NOTHING, and even if you’re good, you might miss a nugget amongst all the red dirt and rocks.

The size of the mine rocks in the bag indicates the possible size of a nugget. In these bags, you will find rocks AS LARGE AS 1/2″ — they aren’t typically gold nuggets, but that’s the size of chunks that went through the big screen, so that’s the largest possible size of a nugget in that bag of paydirt, see???


This packet of POSSIBLE gold-bearing paydirt was personally taken by Fred & Helena and bagged without editorial comment, meaning nothing added, nothing taken away. The paydirt is EXACTLY as Fred & Helena found it!!! Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 192

Black sand and gold flakes in a Garrett gold pan, Prosperity Ashram Paydirt.

One thing I surely picked up as a boy, and might not have ever experienced as a girl had I not the pluck to investigate in spite of all the discouragement, was gold panning. Gold panning is very different from gold dredging, gold mining and gold prospecting, and as we go along,  I’ll explain the differences.

Living in California, it’s hard not to get the gold bug, and it seems that everyone’s doing it.  Gold prospecting is more than a hobby. Gold dredging is much, much more than merely a hobby. Gold panning is a hobby. It’s fun, easy and you can stop anytime you want to. Continue reading

My Life as a Boy — Chapter 191


The “Jackie Kennedy of Iran”, Fareshteh Molavi, with World-Famous StoryTeller Iven Lourie

Storytelling is a kind of long, involved standup routine. You have to spice it up to keep the interest of your listeners up, and there’s no better way to do this than to give each of the characters in a story a different voice, manner, outlook and relationship to the others in the cast.

That’s right, cast. Properly read, a story should sound like a radio play and look like a theatrical production, without the scenery, costumes, lighting or sound system that you’d expect in a live theater production today.

The way I do it, scenery, costume, lighting and sound are all part of the presentation, just as I’d prepare a fine plate of food. Presentation is everything.

Part of presentation is the communication to the audience about what you’ll be doing. The best case scenario is that your audience already knows what to expect, so you don’t have to explain anything. Continue reading