My Life as a Boy — Chapter 151

Jack Calisher outside his lumber mill, 1878, didn’t expect to die that day, but he did.

Recognize this street? Well, you should. You died here in a gunfight in 1878, and that wasn’t the first or last time you died, but it’s an easy Past Life to remember, because the trauma was so strong. It wasn’t that big a deal to die — here you still are to tell the tale. “Death Row” was the name given to this Old West “Main Street” that saw over 100 gunfights in its day.

That’s one thing about death that people don’t generally realize. Death is not permanent.  In fact, death is so damn impermanent, it’s a pain in the ass, and I’ll explain why. You finally get the hang of a life you’re living, and wham! Along comes Death to wreck the show … but wait, weren’t you just barely crawling along, whizzing around in a wheelchair with a bottle of oxygen and a long clear plastic tube.

So how would you like to remember this death? You’d rather not re-experience a death? I don’t blame you, death is never pleasant, although it can be a great relief if you’re in terrific unbearable and unrelenting pain. Still, it’s not something we naturally seek, nor are we intended to. You’re here to do a job because you can. You were born with the ability to carry out your work mission. Whether you do it or decide to whack off for your whole life is entirely up to you.

It all started with a stage holdup on Dry Gulch Road in 1877, and escalated from there.

You travel along with the rest of your Soul Group whether you earn your way or are dragged along by the momentum of the others. The choice of gracefully performing your Essence Tasks or going through life kicking and screaming and bitching and griping about how unfair it all is is, again, entirely up to you.

If you intend to carry out your Work Mission here on Earth, you need to get a grip on yourself.

What I mean is, you need to have a bigger footprint, meaning an awareness of other lives you’ve lived, and technically, are living right now, because time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.

After a few Pocket Missions, you’ll wonder why you were ever afraid of death, afraid of life and afraid of failing. You’ve lived and died and succeeded and failed, and here you still are to tell the tale. That’s the bottom line. Here you are to tell the tale.


The miners’ gold had been stolen, and there was no insurance company to cover the loss.

When you tell the tale, the memories will come flooding back, and you’ll remember that past life or parallel life in one sweeping flash, then details will start coming back to you as you write your way through the Pocket Mission.

Here’s how it works:

You contact 10 different time-frames in a past or parallel lifetime. These are in the form of one-ended Wormhole Photos that connect you instantly with the past or parallel life. You describe the photos one at a time as instructed in the Mission Pak — the instructions will vary.

By the end of the exercise, you will have fully contacted that lifetime. You now have access not only to the memories, but also to ALL of the skills acquired in that lifetime. That’s how come I have been able to have over 100 complex professions and skills in this lifetime alone, and a quick glance at my bio will prove it, and in a way, those are my credentials, because nobody has the time to perfect that many skills in one lifetime, and I didn’t — I draw from hundreds of different lifetimes and thousands of other lifetime skills as easily as one might ride a bicycle or fish out the correct change on a crosstown bus.

The posse gave chase into the wooded area near Martin Osdale’s ranch out by the arroyo.

The first Pocket Mission will be terrifically exciting, but it’s important that you go on and get the biggest possible footprint and recover the greatest number of skills you can. With enough knowledge, you can operate as a very high Being, making everyone’s life a little easier.

This particular event, the posse and chase in 1878, made it possible for you to have this lifetime, which brings you into the Work. Without this loop, you can’t get here from where you were.

All your lifetimes serve the one purpose, to serve the Work, whether you know it or not, and the fact that you’re reading this book proves it.

The posse returns after the shootout, but without you in the picture.

When you complete this Old West Pocket Mission, you’ll be able to strap on a Colt .45 six-gun and draw and fire it three times in a single second, and you won’t believe you can do it, but you can, and at a past lives workshop, I have the means to prove it to you.

This series of gunfights and range wars is only one of the Indian Wars Period that you’ve visited and experienced, and there are so many more, in France during the French Revolution, in Italy during the Renaissance, in England during the time of Shakespeare and Chaucer, in Russia during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, in China during the Lung-Shan Period and the early Shang Dynasty, truly great periods of art during which our Work flourished greatly, and of course, Germany during several world wars including the next.

I’ve prepared 30 Pocket Missions that will give you a start on your Big Foot Print, and when you’re done with those, you’ll have a photo of a Big Foot Print that nobody can deny.


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